SixTAY Days of Writing 2019 Day 25- Games That Should Come to the Switch

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It seems as Nintendo has finally done it, created a machine that since they built it, they will come. All sorts of games are being ported and released for the console, from AAA games to niche rhythm and visual novel games. Additionally, lots of classic games that were never on a Nintendo system are migrating their way to the Switch. The other day I saw that classic RPGs Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2 are getting a Switch release. With the system seemingly getting every game ever, here are some titles that would be fun to see get an eventual Switch release:

Knights of the Old Republic/KOTOR 2

This PC game duo is considered not just some of the best Star War games of all time, but some of the best Western RPGs of all time. Allowing you to choose between Jedi and Sith, it took advantage of the classic Lawful Good/Chaotic Evil chart to the fullest. It’s always been a PC game, but so had Baldur’s Gate, and if that’s getting a release, so should KOTOR I and II.


Space Channel 5

Sega and Nintendo set down their swords like five consoles ago, but this rhythm classic was only on the PS2. With the Switch almost being custom made for rhythm games, it would be cool to see a re release and introduce Ulala to a new generation.


Jet Set/Grind Radio

Dreamcast classic that needs to end up on the Switch. The Xbox port was refreshing, but lacked a lot of the features of the original had like importing your own tags and trading art online. The Dreamcast’s funkiness and the Switch’s versatility should seem to go hand in hand.


Kingdom Hearts

Not counting all the rereleases, there had been at least as many Nintendo Kingdom Hearts games as Sony ones with many portable releases ending up on the GBA, DS and 3DS and since then...bupkus. The rereleases have been Sony exclusives and III ended up on everything but the Switch. Motion controls seem custom built for Keyblade fighting, and the scheme for the controller would be almost identical. Seems like a money printing no-brainer.


Elite Beat Agents

Now seems like the perfect opportunity to reintroduce this DS rhythm classic to a new generation with an HD rerelease. The wacky art style and additive gameplay would work beautifully on a Switch.


Muv-Luv/Muv-Luv Alternate

I know some of you Vita folks will let that system go with only your dying breath, but the majority of visual novels are heading to the Switch. The game is already translated and released for PC and the Vita, so a Switch physical release just makes sense, and will give more people a chance to play it.


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