SixTAY Days of Writing 2019 Day Sixteen- Amiibo? A-maybe.

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Now that I have access to a Switch a major question has arisen. To collect Amiibos or not collect Amiibos. In my area I do frequently find them on clearance, and more than once have found them in thrift stores, but have passed them because I didn’t have a Wii U or a New 3DS. The only two I have are the Yarn Yoshis that came in a grab bag with a bunch of Pokemon plushies. They are certainly cute, high quality figures, but I already have a MASSIVE collection of stuff. Salt and Pepper shakers, Pokemon toys, My Little Pony stuff, Legos, beanie babies, Barbies, character dolls and the crossover collection of dolls I share with my mom. And that’s not mentioning the Disney Infinity figures/disks and Lego Dimension sets. I’m already trying to downsize by liquidating books and movies I don’t want or use, but Amiibos could be something potentially useful.


At least for some games.

I do intend (at least eventually) to get a large library of Switch games, as the Switch will be home to what used to come out on the portable market. Pokemon games, Legend of Zelda (I do eventually want to try Breath of the Wild) as well as a bunch of the quirkier stuff that used to be the bread and butter of the Vita and 3DS that always caught my fancy. And those Amiibos do serve multiple games, not just one game like the Lego Dimensions and Disney Infinity stuff. But they still take up space.


I guess for now I’ll hold off. No buying any new ones and certainly nothing at full price. But if I stumble on Cloud, Pikachu or Bayonetta in Goodwill, it’s probably coming home with me.

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