Developer Diary Day Eighteen

The first background has been inked and flatted! Next step is painting the shading and highlights. I still haven’t found a streamlined system. Working on a laptop is unbelievably frustrating. Since I’m left-handed the way I’d work in my office is I’d have my tablet on my left side, my mouse on my right and switch between both and the keyboard. Plus all those shortcuts! I’ve found Fire Alpaca has more shortcuts than I first thought, but they aren’t exactly ‘short’. Adjusting the brush size in Photoshop is a matter of using the bracket keys [ or ], but Fire Alpaca is ctrl+alt+dragging the tablet pen. At that point it’s simply easier to key typing the brush size.


But at least the background does look pretty good. I might do a few more inked and flatted backgrounds before painting them so I can paint the all at once.

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