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Developer Diary Day Fifty-Four

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The second character is done! All the variations got inked, colored, saved and inputted. With everything the one character ended up being 37 different image files, which is nothing compared to most games, but it’s a lot for me. Now I’m starting to put the sprites into the game and have them move around. I haven’t gotten too far into that part yet just because I realized that I’m better off finishing the last part, the cut scenes, before having too much animated. Those final scenes (particularly in the prologue) will give me my best experience with just how much work the programming will be. The cut scenes will have quite a bit of movement in addition to the sprites, so I once I get the hang of that, the rest of the first act won’t seem so daunting.


And a lot of the work I’ve gotten done will spill over to the first act as well. The one nice thing of games versus comic pages is even though the game assets requite a lot more work to look nice, I can reuse them pretty much as much as I want, versus in comics I do have to pretty much draw everything over and over again.

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