Developer Diary Day Fifty-Six

That break to work on Morrigan was a really good idea. Not only is my mind more fresh from taking a break from Kaiju Crush, it let me get better with Fire Alpaca. Fire Alpaca still can’t do a lot of things that Photoshop can, or Photoshop still does a lot of things better, but I found out something that will save me a LOT of time in the future: Fire Alpaca is way, way better for inking and flatting. It turns out the paint bucket tool has a couple of great features that makes flatting a breeze. In Photoshop, using the paint bucket tool is usually a waste of time unless you have aliased lines. Anti-aliased lines (which visually look smoother) result in a halo around the area you just filled. So for flatting what I’ve done in the past is use the magic wand tool, expand the selection and then use the Fill command. With Fire Alpaca’s paint bucket tool, I don’t have to.


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