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I’m getting closer and closer to finishing the first act and I’ve been replaying a bit of other Visual Novels just to get some more inspiration to keep going with my project, as well as see how other novels present themselves and see if they have any features I want to use as well.


Like a lot of people, Katawa Shoujo was the first Visual Novel I ever played, largely because it was in English, and because it was free. Also like a lot of people, I admired it as clearly a labor of love, a bunch of people working on a project to tell a story about a broken young man coming to terms with his life.

Even six years after its initial release it still holds up rather well, though from both a programming and writing perspective, I can see the cracks showing a little better.


Still, replaying it got the job done, and even though the heat makes me want to be lazy, and I’m hitting a few setbacks on the technology front, I’m still chugging along, trying to get something passable

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