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One step forward, two steps back. The backgrounds are still chugging along, but I’ve hit a snag with the game itself. It turns out the way I had set it up initially, I didn’t factor in a resolution in case I’d have a tie between two characters. I have a resolution for a 4-way tie, but a two or three way tie doesn’t have a clean solution. I thought I had figured a way out, but I didn’t factor in a few choices the player could make before the end of the first act, and now I need to figure out some stuff or the game won’t know what to do.


One solution I thought up turned out not to work, because it would mean a 4-way tie would be impossible, which for what I have planned with the game, is something I need to have happen. Another way would give one character more advantage than another, and I want each character to be equally accessible. So I have to go back to the pen and paper and flowchart it out again.

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