Developer Diary Day Thirty-Three

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The good news is I have seemed (at least on the surface) to have fixed what wasn’t working, and now it seems all the routes work. This will totally be something I’ll need to have play tested at least a few times just to make sure that it, yes, does in fact work.


So it’s back to backgrounds. The second one is in the 80%-ish done zone. The art has been inked and flatted and I’ve been working on shading. It’s turning out rather nicely, but some parts are taking FOREVER. These game backgrounds are a lot more detailed and elaborate than my comic backgrounds because they all take up most of the screen. So while the far ground and middle grounds don’t have to be too elaborate because of atmospheric perspective (the phenomenon that things further away look blurrier and less detailed) the foreground does. And the biggest problem is the foreground is almost nothing but shingles. Shingles that all need to be individually shaded and highlighted. A whole roof of them. I can’t use any of my artist shortcuts on this and it is taking FOREVER. After this image it will be a long time before I want to draw a roof again. Particular a ceramic one like the one I’m drawing now.

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