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Developer Diary: Day Twenty-five

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Ahhhh! I’ve started working towards the final decision tree!!!! This is the final scene before the game would actually start branching off into the four individual character paths. Once I finish that, it will be enough content done to actually start working on the game proper. That will mean I’ll need to ramp up work on assets. I fixed my mistake from the other day and redid the train. Normally I loathe having to redo things but I think in this came it worked out for the best. The new version of the train looks a lot better. Sleeker and more modern.


I’ve also started playing around with gamer user interface assets, though I’m less worried how the menu looks like if the rest of the assets and text don’t show up when they’re supposed to or how they’re supposed to. And I have a total of 9 backgrounds, 5 object assets, 6 static character sprites, 4 main character sprites and all their expressions, and at least 8 cut scenes to draw, color and program into the game. That sounds like a lot, but with the exception of the cut scenes, most of those assets will repeat themselves throughout the game.

Sound’s eventually going to be a factor as well, but that’s really last on my list of priorities at the moment.

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