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Developer Diary Day Twenty-Six

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We’re in the final countdown for the First Act. I got to the final decision tree and am now working on each individual path. This will probably be the most important part of the first part of the game, since this starts giving more insight to all the romanceable characters. I’ve been trying to use the writing to give players an idea of what kind of stuff will make the characters happiest without straight up spoon feeding the answers, so that people can decide which character appeals to them most, and at the same time, doesn’t spill the beans. With the final decision trees, I can start laying the groundwork for foreshadowing plot points from each character’s path.


I haven’t had much of a chance to work on art today, but I really have to start getting my butt in gear. At the very least I want the first 3 backgrounds and the first two art assets to be done in the next seven days, since that will cover the prologue.

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