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The good news is I finally got the tablet up and working on my laptop and started working on the backgrounds. The bad news is it’s been over a year since I last used a tablet to draw anything and it really shows in the work. I’m basically going to have to redo everything I did and it’s very discouraging.


I know with a bit of practice it will get better again, and it’s just like riding a bicycle, but at the moment it just really feels like I’m flipping over the handle bars and slamming myself in the face.

I also really need to get used to Fire Alpaca, since different art software works differently, it’s just good that I started with the backgrounds instead of the characters, since they don’t need to be quite as aesthetically pleasing. They do need to look okay, but wiggling lines and goof ups won’t show as badly in the backgrounds as they will in the sprites.


First act continues in both writing and coding, and it’s getting closer and closer to the end.

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