I’ve finished all the sprites for one of the romanceable characters but hit a major hurdle with the second one. It turns out one of the scans got warped (that can happen if the paper curls on the scanner bed and the lid isn’t closed all the way) and even though I thought I calibrated it properly, one of the costumes on the character isn’t fitting properly. And the worst part is when I looked into rescanning the page, it turns out I left all the original drawings in my backpack. I was sure I had taken them out, and for the past three days I had been just dumping my tablet and laptop in my backpack, crushing all the sketches at the bottom of my bag. Tons of my drawing got completely crushed and ruined, and the worst part of it is the scan I would need to redo was one of the ruined drawings. I can’t redraw the image because the base drawing got ruined too, can’t rescan the original. I’m going to have to find a workaround with the scans I do have but this really sucks. I hate when my art gets destroyed, it’s really discouraging.


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