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Four out of six of the static sprites are drawn. I’m hoping to get all six and the four romanceable characters’ design sheets ready by Saturday so I can get them all scanned. I need to do character sheets before I can do the girls’ sprites because I need to finalize A) design, B) expressions and C) color before putting all the work in. Static sprites are easier because as the title implies, they’re static and don’t move. Characters with alternate expressions and poses are closer in production to traditional animation, and to make sure things don’t look weird between expressions I have to draw things multiple times and will trace things. Having a solid character sheet handy helps keep that consistency.


I also don’t think in color for some reason, I guess it’s largely because I’m so used to working in manga, so until I start playing around with color and see a few different versions, I don’t have anything too concrete in mind except maybe ‘blond’ or ‘brunette’. This is also a step I’m going to ask for a bit of feedback from you guys to see what you all like best as well.

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