Developer Journal Day Forty-Two

Sprites are coming along nicely since they aren’t as massive or as detailed as backgrounds are. But I’m also starting to realize just how many I really need. I tend to forget that anything animated (even very, very simply) needs a few variations in order to actually move, which means the sprite or object asset that I think is only one drawing is actually two or three. The good news is the variations aren’t dramatically different from one and other, so all I need to do is a bit of copy pasta and then tweak things. Make you appreciate hand drawn animation all the more, since each frame had to be drawn and traced individually, rather than just small changes on photocopies. There are of course a few tricks to the trade to keep the work down and not have to reinvent the wheel all the time, but it also makes you grateful software has so many quick and dirty tricks built in. Anything that saves me effort, and by extension, time is always a good thing if I want to get this game done this century.

I’m also working on drawing the character sprites and will want to scan them in, so I need to get at least a few done before this weekend so I can borrow the scanner.


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