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Developer Journal Day Sixty-Three

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Finally over my stupid cold. To understand, more than a week passed between my last Developer Journal and this one. I’m back on the final cut scene of the prologue and once again, because it involves a bunch of buildings it’s taking forever. I promise not all the cut scenes and backgrounds require skyscrapers and buildings, but the ones that do are my least favorite. I’ve also been hunting down more sound effects and keeping a better list of what I need. I’ve also been searching for more sites that have those free sound effects available.


I’ve also decided I’m going to have two Alpha tests. The first alpha test will just be the prologue, and that’ll be exclusive to my Patreon patrons (who I’ve also been sharing info about Kaiju Crush) before releasing a broader one that will cover the first act. This will give me more feedback if I’m going in the right direction, will have something tangible as I get more done.

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