Developer Journal Day Thirty-Nine

Achievement unlocked! The next background is done. Just one more to go in the prologue and I can move onto the sprites. I already have a couple sketched up, and for the sake of simplicity I’m starting with the static ones first. Only the romanceable characters are going to have lots of different expressions and movements, and are the most work, thus I’m putting them off the most. Those characters don’t have their character sheets or colors finalized yet either. I’ve also started looking into sound effects. I think for the alpha test I’m not going to bother with background music yet, since later down the line I might look into a Kickstarter to see if I can hire a real composer instead of just generic public domain stuff, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Searching for sound effects has been interesting because I have to work within my budget, which is precisely zero dollars. So that means lots of looking up sound effects that are A) royalty-free, B) free to download and C) public domain. There are a few websites that offer that kind of stuff but you have to be careful because they often lie. While people may record their own versions of certain sounds, believe it or not certain sounds can be trademarked or copyrighted. I know this is just a small project that’s more of a time killer than anything else, but I am a big believer in respecting creators and making sure I’m not stepping on any toes. It hasn’t been easy working in those perimeters, but I’m determined to do it.


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