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Developer Journal Day Twenty-Eight

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Big break between the last time I worked on the game and now, and while I’ve been busy salvaging and repairing things, it actually worked out in terms of writing. I have just two scenarios left to write and the first act is done. The first background is making good progress as well.


It’s been difficult finding snippets of time to get anything done, but I’m determined to see this project through. I need to start looking a few things up when it comes to coding the game so I can add a few visual and UI features to do what I want them to. I want one of the characters to speak with a specific font, and later down the line I would love for the player to be able to choose between playing as a man or woman character. For now I’m just working with one gender just to make coding easier on myself, but it doesn’t hurt to do the research now.

I still haven’t gotten a chance to start working on character sheets and sprites, but I think the most efficient art process will be writing>backgrounds>sprites>cutscenes and stick things in the game as I go. Then when all the assets are in place, I can start doing the directions and effects, and finish with the sound effects and game UI graphics.


I’m getting a lot done, but it will be a lot more to go.

Also, I know SixTAY Days of Writing are over, but I’m still motivated to keep working on this project, so I’ll keep posting the Developer Diary

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