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Developer Journal Mega Update #10

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It’s been some time since I’ve posted any news about Kaiju Crush since SixTAY Days of Writing ended back in August, so I thought people would be curious about what’s going on. Zira’s route is very close to being finished. The second act is entirely done, including all art assets and coding, leaving just three cut scenes and a character sprite to finish up the third. And I’ve already got two of those three cut scenes roughly half done, so my goal is to finish up all the art in this upcoming week. The only foreseeable slowdown is I still don’t have a satisfactory color pallet for this new character sprite, which is why one of the cut scenes isn’t done already.


I had hoped to have finished Zira’s route by now so I could get to work on Koni, but I’m only over my time budget by about 5 days or so. I’m actually doing brainstorming on Koni’s route and finally have some idea of how I want to do it, and have definitely figured out how I’m going to handle all those flashbacks I was so stymied by. Koni’s route is still the most unwieldy, so once I’m totally done with Zira’s route I’m going to have to spend a day writing out all my notes and figuring out which scenes stay, which ones go and how the gameplay will work out so I don’t have a script for Koni that’s like 65k long. Zira’s already came close to going over my limit (each character’s route is about 40-45k words, which means a total playthrough from the prologue to the ending will be about 70k words, how that translates into gameplay hours, I have no idea.) and I don’t want Koni’s route to push that limit too hard either.

I’m also trying to balance between working on the game and staying current with my web comic, Midnight Menagerie, and I have to admit, you guys, I have been slacking on it a bit in favor of the game, and that’s going to come to bite me in the ass if I don’t finish some more pages within three weeks.

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