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Okay, it’s been a while since I posted an update about Kaiju Crush, ironically posting less about the game during SixTAY Days of Writing than when I wasn’t doing the challenge. But mostly it’s because I’ve been juggling about a half dozen things and hadn’t had time to post an update.


First off, the demo is almost done. I just need ONE track from Scully to finish the first act, and then it will be out of alpha and will be posted online as a beta. Most likely I’m going to post it on, as is custom, and when that goes up it’ll mean anyone who wants to play it can. Hoping that means August, but most likely September at the latest.

Titania’s route is also about 60% done. I’ve been working on sprites, backgrounds, cut scenes and writing roughly all at the same time. The most finished chunk of all of that is the actual writing. I’m actually getting to the climax and that’s taken a slight pause as I work out how I want it coded as I get towards the ending. The sprites are the fastest, followed by the backgrounds. So most likely once I get everything but the cut scenes done, I’ll start writing Zira’s route (probably the one people are most looking forward to based off of the alpha feedback) but Titania’s route will take a while to finish because cut scenes just take forever. It’s just a fact as they are probably the most important parts of the game as people tend to look at them the most. I didn’t intend to have as many cut scenes as there are, but I don’t think I could have gotten away with doing less and still get the story across.


Once the beta is done, the rest of the game won’t be released until the WHOLE THING is finished. I know some people like to release visual novel WIPs one route at a time, but I figure it’ll be fairer to people to be able to access all the girls at once. I know some people like to play through entire Vns including all their routes, but for people who get attached to one girl more than the other, I don’t want them to have to sit on their hands for like 6 months while other people are already getting endings for characters they do like.

I have no idea how long this thing is going to take me total, as I’ve already been working on Kaiju Crush over a year, but if I can (largely) finish by roughly this time next year, that would be pretty groovy. I’m not going to spin my gears to meet that deadline, but if I can get it done in less time than it took to get Duke Nukem Forever thrown together, I’m going to consider that a win.

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