Developer Journal Mega Update #2

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On Saturday the 28th, I finally uploaded the beta demo of Kaiju Crush, which covers the first entire act including all sound effects, background tracks and special effects, and will pretty much be what the game will look and feel like from beginning to end. If you haven’t tried it out already, you can download it here on itch:


It’s of course free to try out, but any support would be appreciated. After all, this demo does represent a year and a half of my life’s worth of work, plus all the time and effort Scully put into the music.


With the first act done I’ve been chipping at Titania’s route as well. Scully still needs two more tracks for that particular route, and the second act needs two more cut scenes drawn and painted. The third act is still a work in progress, but I don’t want to sit down and plan out the final climax if there are any loose ends in the second act. This is mostly my way of stalling because the climax is going to be somewhat complicated, both narratively and game play wise. And looking back the third act is seeming a bit short, so I’m probably going to go back in and write a few new scenes to flesh out Titania a bit more. Plus taking a short break from writing will help keep my mind fresh. But it my mind I consider it about 70% done.

After Titania’s route will come Zira’s, then Pegi’s and finally working on Koni’s. The way I’m working on the routes is essentially the way that will be easiest for me since all four stories have different themes (since the characters have such different personalities) and thus all play a little differently. It allows me to test my limits and try new things without overwhelming myself. It’ll hopefully mean a better experience for everyone at the end.

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