Developer Journal Mega Update #5

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Happy New Year! Titania’s route is officially done! It just needs a little polish to improve some timing issues and clean up typos, but those are things the entire game needs anyway, so it’s on to work on the next character’s route. I originally planned on working on Zira’s route next, but when I started writing, it started flowing better into Pegi’s route, so I might do that one next. Or, depending on how many writing block issues I run into down the road, I might bounce back and forth between the two depending on my mood and any new ideas I get. Since I finished Titania’s route, I have all the tent poles for the major plot points (which is originally why I just worked on Titania’s route and didn’t try to multitask at that point, because while I have concrete endings for all the characters in mind, the whole story was very fluid at the beginning) it’s just a matter of covering the same general scenes from different characters’ perspectives. I’m pretty confident in what I’m going to do with Zira’s route from a gameplay perspective, and I have some pretty cool scenes in mind, I’m having a bit of a tough time starting it up. On the other hand, Pegi’s story is a lot more established, but I need to figure out how that actually will result in the gaming elements of it.


As I’ve mentioned before, different characters will play differently because of their different personalities. With Zira, the biggest challenge will be not getting bad endings because her temper is so bad. All the characters have good and bad endings, but with some characters it’s easier to screw up with, and screw up in different ways. Pegi is the biggest wildcard, so most likely I’ll just write the story straight up, and go back in and find forks and options for alternative scenes after the story is all the way finished. Zira’s story won’t have that problem.

The biggest headache however, is going to be Koni. Her story is going to play entirely differently from the other three, not just in terms of gameplay but in plot points. Yeah, those tent poles will absolutely still be there, they’re just going to look a heck of a lot differently. So I’m not going to even look at working on Koni’s story until dead last just because it’s going to be that much of a challenge.


But with the completion of Titania’s story, the game is now officially 40% done and will be that much more motivating to keep going with.

Also, all the encouragement I’ve been getting from you guys has been helping. So keep telling other folks to try out the demo and play it for yourself from Itch. When the game is more done I’ll be putting together an official site and trailer, so keep your eyes out for that and also follow the official Kaiju Crush twitter account.

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