Developer Journal Weekly Report #1

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Since I’ve finished the prologue, I’ve decided to start doing my reports weekly instead of daily since progress is a bit slower now that there is both simultaneously more and less to do. On one hand, I’ve still got a bunch of new backgrounds, sprites, cut scenes and coding to do, but I’ve pretty much covered everything it takes to get to that point and I’d be repeating myself. So I’m just going to be doing things once a week to keep my progress for those of you who have been following it.


That being said, this first week has been nothing short of a real lu-lu. First of all, my laptop died. I was going to get a new laptop anyway, but literally three days before the new one arrived, the old one committed suicide. I was trying to open a video, the computer froze up, tried to open the task manager, tried to shut it down, and then I forced quit everything by holding down the on/off button, and when I turned it back on...nothing. For several days I’ve tried to diagnose the problem and at the very least, get everything evacuated from my hard drive, but alas it looks like it’s a hardware issue. And until I can get it into a professional, I can’t get a lot done.

The good news is Kaiju Crush is backed up up to the first Alpha, the bad news is the last backed up version doesn’t have everything I worked on recently, including a bunch of debugging, editing and a new background I was starting to color. I reeeeeally hope I don’t have to redo all that work, because that would really freaking suck.


But I’ve had plenty to do without any new work because I’ve been fighting this laptop. I just need to state for the record I genuinely and wholly hate Windows 10. Windows 8 and 8.1 sucked, but 10 is its own circle of hell. Largely this has to do with the fact that it’s not particularly backwards compatible with my old software. Granted, some of the programs I used were up to twenty years old, but the point was that I paid for them, had legit licenses for them, and they had worked up until Windows 8.1—but arbitrarily don’t work on 10. I was even having problems with Manga Studio 5 EX, and that software is only 4 years old. With a lot of tinkering and cursing, at the very least I was able to get that to work, because Manga Studio is very powerful and extremely useful, and with the exception of layer effects like stroke and glow, can pretty much do everything Photoshop could and even does some of it a lot better for a lot cheaper.

But it doesn’t do everything.

So I’ve had to look into open source stuff to replace all my older stuff. I’m so damn used to working with Adobe products that these new things are going to take a while to get used to. The whole experience is actually incredibly depressing, because after fighting depression and art block for the better part of the last two years, and finally starting to produce new work with some decent regularity, it’s going be several months before I can really produce anything again because I am back to square one with all these new softwares.


It seems like this will be an uphill fight regardless of what I do.

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