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Developer Journal Weekly Report #11

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Aw yeah, the Alpha is DONE. The menu art is finished, the logo got revamped and I played through a few routes to make sure nothing significantly wacky is going to happen. Some of the user interface isn’t what I want, but that’s not all that important for the moment since I need to look up what it takes to make the menu look better.


The game still doesn’t have music but Scully has been fiddling with a few tracks for me, which was very, very kind to do. So hopefully when I get the feedback for this Alpha, I’ll have some music ready for the main beta.

Now I’m going back to the writing of the game and working on the individual routes. I’m not sure whose route I will start on first since I need to plan a few things out. I know how I want each route to end, and largely some major plot points to get there, but it’s going to take a few index cards to figure out how to get from point A (the first act) to point B, the ‘good’ endings for any of the routes. I need to plan out how the game part will play out as well, since I haven’t fully decided yet how I want the routes to work. I had some similar issues with the first act to divide out the routes, but now that there are going to be individual stories, I have a few new approaches that can be taken.


I can use a point system similar to the first act, where enough right decisions get you the good ending, or I can have branching paths that mean if you take a wrong turn, it’ll be harder to go back. Either way it’ll be nice to not have to stare at art software for the next three weeks and color individual buildings and cars, and I’ll have a bit more time now to go back to the comics I’ve been neglecting. Also getting some people’s opinions about the initial act will also inform things I’ll do in the story.

People’s feedback rarely changes my story direction, since I pretty clearly know what I want to do and how, but people’s feedback does inform me to things I may not have thought of (like previously not knowing that the logo might be hard to read on a small screen) and may tweak how things are presented so my points come across a lot clearer. I know my characters and how they think, feel and operate, but an outsider will view things differently, and getting that kind of insight is valuable. Plus my dyslexic butt misses big, giant, otherwise obvious typos all the time.


I know Cdax, Novibear, and most likely ThePickyGamer will want to test out the Alpha, and any more people want to check it out, by all means I still have plenty of room on my list. (IE, gimme your discord contact and I will send you the link and info)

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