Developer Journal Weekly Report #12

With the Alpha out (and no, it’s not too late to try it out, just comment with your Discord username and I’ll DM you the download) I’m largely taking this week off as I wait to hear back from some of the people who are playing it. I’m starting to tinker with Titania’s route and getting myself started so the creative juices don’t stop flowing, but I’m still mostly brainstorming as I figure out a way to balance game play with plot. In the meantime, I can start introducing the romanceable characters and giving some background as to why I designed the characters the way I did.

First up is Titania.


Titania’s look and costume design is largely taken from the cult classic, Attack of the 50 ft Woman. I didn’t have a concrete look for her in mind, but some of my earliest sketches actually worked right away, and when an idea works immediately, I never see the point in working more on something that’s already functioning. I wanted her to seem strong but still ladylike, so I gave her a lean, toned body that makes it seem realistic that she could hold her own against giant monsters, but not so buff she looked like a ‘roid case. In her uniform you don’t see much of her muscle structure, but in the unitard you can see how ripped she actually is.

Her military uniform is largely based off what the real Japanese ‘military’ uses, but honestly, it was just a jumping off point. I’m sure a military buff could point out about a hundred things wrong with the design from a uniform standpoint, but I was more interested in making an attractive looking costume.

You don’t get to see much of her other costume until after the first act. It was also inspired by Attack of the 50ft Woman, but I changed it from a skirt into a unitard simply because my brain figured a character like Titania wouldn’t want to flash her entire city with constant panty shots. It took a few variations with the lines until it looked good on Titania’s body, and I also played around with a variation where it was a red unitard with white stripes, but the white one simply looked better.

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