Developer Journal Weekly Report #13

Still waiting for some feedback from the Alpha but I think I have solved at least one of the routes I intend to code out, and will be easier to start writing from here on out. In the meantime I’ve been dallying in other projects that got sidelined because of the game and other things. In fact I’m close to finishing a Pokemon fan fiction I’ve had writer’s block with for nearly a year.

That’s not to say I’m not working on the game at all. I have some big news in that I’m finally going to have music for the game. Scullysaurus volunteered to work with me, and after hearing the tracks he composed for his own game, he seemed to get what I’m trying to do. So the beta will at least have some music.


Work is going to be a little tricky as I don’t have access to internet anymore. I used to be able to go online a couple of times a week. Now I’m down to just once a week for about two hours. I can get stuff done, but if you ask questions or leave comments and I’m taking a long time to reply, that’s why.

But now I’m going to introduce the next girl, Zira.

Zira’s design is fairly obvious as she’s based largely on a traditional Kaiju. In fact, her name is a play on the combination of the Japanese and English names for Godzilla/Gojira. Originally I was going to have the four characters look like incredibly moe girls in Kaiju costumes, but I decided that if I was going to go in, I was going all the way and decided to just make an actual moe Kaiju instead. The design itself was a fairly short process, but getting a good color scheme took forever. I tried probably at least four or five combinations before I settled on grey and teal.

Getting her proportions perfectly right was trickier than I anticipated as I balanced making Zira look monstrous while still cute enough. But I think I managed to get the thicc to terrifying ratio just right.

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