Developer Journal Weekly Report #14

Some of the Alpha reports have been trickling in now and I’m starting to get a better idea of what I need to do going forward with the game. I need to do some serious work on the GUI because that seems to be the biggest issue, followed by tweaking some sprites and making some moments clearer.

Knowing this will help with the actual character routes and speaking of which, Titania’s route is starting to show some progress in leaps and starts. It’s not 100% gelled yet and will probably need some major editing once it’s finished, but sometimes you need to crawl before you walk. It also helps if I juggle between a few projects since warming up on one makes the next one work a little better.


Scully’s also been trucking along with the soundtrack and I’m SUPER excited about that. Even with the barest of instruction he’s somehow able get exactly what I want for the game, and it’s also incredibly cool (and incredibly rare) to have someone how gets you creatively like that. I probably only need about an additional 4-6 tracks and this thing is going to turn into a real, actual game you guys.

Since I don’t have much more than that for now I’ll introduce the fourth character romanceable character, Koni.

Koni is the Kaiju that’s inspired by King Kong and she’s by and large the HARDEST of the four characters to design. I’ve mentioned my issues designing her in the past, but fundamentally, it is really, really hard to do ape-like characters in a cutesy, endearing style. Since apes and humans share too many traits, make her too realistic and she’s creepy, not cute, and make her too human-like and she misses looking like a Kaiju. Rather than based off a gorilla like King Kong, Koni’s body and mannerisms are actually based on a chimp’s.


The fur bikini was inspired by Raquel Welch in 1,000,000 Years B.C. and almost everything about Koni’s character and background is about subverting King Kong and all the tropes associated with him. Whereas King Kong was a ruthless monster worshiped by an island of savages, Koni is a benevolent goddess of an incredibly advanced people. I wouldn’t say she’s my ‘favorite’ character because I love all my girls, but she’s definitely one of the most fun characters I’ve developed, even if was kind of pulling teeth to get her there.

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