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Developer Journal Weekly Report #17

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Titania’s route is finally starting to get somewhere though I imagine I’m going to be doing a lot of editing down the road, but the scenes are starting to be more coherent and with the proper pacing. As I write it I see that I’m going to need more scenes to not make the game too short, but once the bones are in place, it’s a lot easier to add the meat.


Scully’s also working on more music and it’s going really well. I might be able to produce a proper Beta by June so that the populace at large can try their hand at getting Kaiju Waifus.

I’ve had to take a little time to myself because things just aren’t going super well in my real life. I can’t be super surprised at this point that things keep going wrong, but such is life and I haven’t been doing a lot besides dwelling on those problems. When I’m in a better mood it’ll be easier to go back to the project, so if you’re wondering why updates haven’t been as regular, that’s why.

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