Developer Journal Weekly Report #2

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The holidays were pretty hectic, so this is the first time in a while that I have both the time and the resources to sit down and not just work on Kaiju Crush, but also write a report on it.


First thing is that my laptop was totaled and was in such bad shape I actually had to pay a business to get my files off of my hard drive, and it took quite a few days to get that done, and at the same time I’ve been working to get used to this new laptop. I still hate Windows 10 with a fiery passion, but at the very least I do have all my software up and running and all my files where they are supposed to be, but it wasn’t easy because shortly after dropping my laptop off at the shop, my BF got sick and for almost three weeks I couldn’t get my laptop back or use the internet.

Then he went off on vacation and while I planned to use his place while he was gone, then I got sick and wasn’t able to do anything. Then the holidays rolled around and I didn’t have time to get anything done.


But now my laptop us up and running, with all the software. files and resources to get back to work and work towards the second alpha. The reports I got back from the first one seem to be promising, though I had a few things I will need to fix in order for the game to function (natch) and I have just one more background to finish. Another background took forever because it was so detailed, but thankfully that last background isn’t anywhere near as complex or time consuming. I also finally got a bunch of files scanned in so the character sheets for the final romanceable characters can be finished and refined, and the final two static sprites can be straight up finished.

I then have two more object assets, about 20-30 character sprites and about 6-7 cut scenes after that, and then the first act will be totally completed. At that point I can release the second alpha, which I’ll plan to do via Discord in the TAY Channel. That’s still a long way off and is a lot of work, but feels a lot more manageable.

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