Developer Journal Weekly Report #5

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Act One is still trucking along, with cut scenes and the last romanceable character assets in various stages of completion. As I get closer and closer to finishing the art assets and starting to focus more on the coding, I’ve been toying around with various aspects of what I want to be doing with the final game.


I still have to start tinkering with user interface and menus, since so far I’ve just been using the default settings just to make sure the core of the game works. But being as aesthetically motivated as I am, I do want something fairly flashy and engaging for the opening menu. I’m also still hunting down sound effects and debating what to do for music.

In an ideal world, I’d love to hire a composer to create tracks for the game. It probably would need about a dozen at least for custom themes and things. And I would want to pay someone decently for their hard work, but I don’t know if that’s something that’s actually feasible. Fact is, I’m flat broke, and I don’t know if I could muster enough interest in Kaiju Crush to raise money through a Kickstarter or anything of that nature. I’ve tried raising money and selling my projects in the past for...less than stellar results, which, unfortunately, is not unusual for people in my business. People will happily fork over cash for a print or product with a character they already recognize, but original stuff is always a hard sell.


So that leaves me with a few options to bat around:

Option One: Simply give the game away for free. This is my first stab at game design, it’s not exactly my specialty, so most of the game is going to be fairly basic anyhow. I can just stick to all public domain music, like I have been for the sound effects, and let people just enjoy this project I mostly did as an experiment/time filler anyway.


Option Two: Give the game away for free, but provide it like a demo. Get people to care about the world and the characters, and try to gain interest for a ‘deluxe’ version with additional features such as voice acting, animated scenes and original music. I still plan to do a route with a female protagonist option, and offering it with a deluxe version that gets Kickstarted might gain more interest.

Option Three: Just give the first act away as a demo, still gain interest for it as well as feedback, and try for Kickstarter anyway. Also try to offer it on Steam and other platforms and hope for the best. It’ll mean a lot of marketing on my part, but hey, who knows, it might just work.


There are also a bunch of variations of these options including asking for donations, creating official Kaiju Crush products and selling those and maybe some stuff I haven’t thought of yet, but figuring this stuff out also effects what I’ll be doing the game now and in the future.

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