Developer Journal Weekly Report #6

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The finish line is on the horizon. I have one and a half cut scenes to finish, The final romanceable character is done, and I’m even starting to tinker with the user interface and start planning the menu art, but this has not been a good week for software.


Since I can’t install my version of Adobe Illustrator anymore, I’ve switched over to the open source software, Ink Scape. For the most part, it works the same, but for some reason, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to erase stuff. I can erase open lines, but not partial segments of solid shapes, which is necessary to create the logo. I can get most of the letters done, but until I do the letter U, I can’t finish the other letters in the logo c, s, r or h. For people who don’t know about letter/font design, typically you start with the letters I, U and O as the basis of your alphabet. It isn’t because they’re vowels, but because the shapes can then in turn be transformed into the rest of the alphabet. I is used for any letters with straight lines like l, t, k and so on, u is used for m, n, and h and o is used for the round shaped letters like b, p, q and g. Get the basis, and then it’s a matter of a tweak here, flipping a letter over and the rest of the alphabet is largely a snap. But until I can erase part of a circle, I can’t make the U.

I really miss using the Adobe Suite, but since my old version is no longer compatible with Windows, and I’m not spending over a hundred dollars a month on Photoshop rent, I’m going to occasionally bang my head on a wall in situations like these.


At least the rest of the art is going smoother. After almost two years of not using Manga Studio, I’m remembering all the old shortcuts and finding new tools to substitute some of the features in Photoshop.

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