Developer Journal Weekly Report #7

Kaiju Crush officially has a logo! It was what took up almost all my time this week, so the final cut scene and menu art still aren’t done, but getting a logo done is the biggest step I’ve gotten finished so far. As I’ve been building the game, I’ve simply used the default settings of the layout in order to test function, because at this point, a working game is far more important than a pretty one. Now that the game is functioning (knock on wood) it’s been time to start making the game look more like a game, and the logo is the biggest step.

I’ve mentioned the problems I’ve been having with the logo last week, that Ink Scape just wasn’t playing ball. It still largely hadn’t, which is why the logo took me almost a solid week to finish instead of a few hours (god, I miss Illustrator…) but it looks good. Now when I start customizing the menu, the logo will be one of the first thing players will be able to see.


When you see all the menus and functions that other games have, it is very, very tempting to bring out all the bells and whistles, but I need to remember restraint. Not only is it my first game, not all those bells and whistles necessary fit the tone and theme of my game. I’ll still look up some codes in order to make the game look less ‘RenPy out of the box’ and more ‘game built by someone who knows what they’re doing’ but not everything has to be flashy.

The other good news is in between all these headaches is I may have tracked down a new copy of the Adobe Suite, bad news is it’s the version for Mac, whilst I have a PC. There are ways to get around that problem, and that’s probably what I’m going to be focusing on most these upcoming days. While I don’t need the Adobe Suite anywhere near as much as I used to, there’s no getting around the fact Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign do things that other softwares don’t, or do then at least far easier.

Last issue I need to address, Alpha Testers!

With two more pieces of art to do, I need to start collecting people willing to test out the first act of the game. It’s actually incredibly simple, I just need people to play the game, tell me which route you got, and if you ran into any problems, or noticed any mistakes in the game. Anyone wanting to test this out, just leave a comment. I need about ten people to play the first act all the way through and give me feedback.

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