Developer Journal Weekly Report #8

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I’m making my way through the final cutscene, but it’s going a little slower than I’d like. It’s not particularly complicated, though it is fairly detailed, but largely it’s the weather not playing ball. It’s been humid as the spring is starting and the mountain snow is thawing, and my joints are not happy. I’ve had to take two days off this week because my fingers are so unbelievably swollen.


I still plan to throw together a few sketches of what I want the menu to look like. I have a few ideas for the art, but as the project evolves those initial ideas are turning out not to give exactly the look I want. I want the menus to gel with some of the transition art, and since that idea changed, the menu will have to change to match it. After some feedback last week I’m also revamping the logo because it was pointed out that spots don’t work well on letters at lower resolutions. But without them the logo looks too plain, and I’m working on finding that sweet spot between not looking generic and not looking overdone. The logo does need to look inviting, or otherwise people won’t be curious about it.

Also still want Alpha Testers! Even with the slowdowns, the game will be done before the end of April and want people lined up for then.

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