The first act is almost half-way finished. I’m at a major decision tree introducing one of the main characters. Once that’s finished it will only be a few more scenes until the final major character is introduced and the first act will be done. I mean, that’s still a lot of work and at least several more days of writing, revision and then several more of coding, but it’s finally going at a good pace and looking more and more like a workable project.

Once I’ve finished working on the first act I promised myself I’d start getting serious about the assets. By the end of the first act I should know exactly how many assets I need, give or take a few, what all expressions and poses all the characters need and all the backgrounds I need. There will of course be more cut scenes in all the following character branches, but those won’t be needed until I actually write the paths themselves.

I’ll work on the paths at the same time as the assets, but at that point the writing won’t quite be as important anymore. My goal in the immediate future is to create a workable demo of the finished game so I get experienced enough at putting everything together (assets+coding+writing) and get enough feedback so that the paths won’t be as much make-it-up-as-you-go-along. No point in finishing the game entirely, find out none of my effects are working and people notice giant plot problems and have 60,000+ words of writing that may need to get majorly hacked and slashed.

I spent most of yesterday writing so there isn’t much new art yet, but the giant girl’s costumes finally look the way I want them to.