I’m still in the middle of playing Conception II and Ar Tonelico Qoga and was beginning to think ha! I’m finally getting a handle on my backlog!

I can be such an adorable idiot sometimes.

Just when I think I’m making headway, I stumble on a treasure trove of bargains and a new stack of games magically materialized itself before me, making my backlog expand, yet again. Making a significant dent in this thing before the end of the year is going to prove more of a challenge than I initially anticipated.


First, I decided I’d get a few more Phoenix Wright games because ‘oh, they’re cheap on Amazon and it makes sense to get them before the price goes up too much.’ They were the 3rd game of the trilogy, Trials and Tribulations, and Miles Edgeworth Investigations, so I could put them to the side guilt free, because I wanted to play the games in order. Since I had the 3rd and 4th games but not the 2nd, it practically didn’t even count!

Then Gamestop had a sale on the Arland Atelier Trilogy (when that game is already nigh 50 bucks on Amazon...), then my BF gave me Portal 2 for Valentines so we could play the co-op, then Amazon had Virtue’s Last Reward for 23 bucks and I got the last Phoenix Wright DS game I was missing (after all, I did need to spend 35 dollars in order to get free shipping and Justice For All was less than 17 dollars...) and now Steam had a whole bunch of Sega games for free. And on top of that I finally downloaded Pokemon Picross on my 3DS and have been playing loads of that.

That’s like 11 new games in the past 45 days. I’m proud of myself that I managed to pass on a copy of Elite Beat Agents in Toys R Us because even though it was very cheap, I needed the cash for other stuff. But otherwise I just really screwed myself over. The good news is most of the games I have now are fairly short. I can get through VNs pretty quickly, and because they are portable I have an easier time playing them than I do console games. For those who don’t quite get how that works, when I play a portable system like my DS or PSP, I can either curl up on the couch or lie in bed and thus adjust my posture and not hurt my back. Plus, because I live with my mom, I don’t have to battle over the TV in the living room since it’s the only one we have. Consoles on the other hand, as well as my laptop, require me to sit straight in front of the screen in order to play them, and thus even when I can play them because my back isn’t killing me, I need to play only a couple of hours in order to prevent my back from bothering me later on. It’s part of the reason why my console backlog is far, FAR worse than my portable backlog. It’s much easier to finish a 50+ hour RPG when you can play 3-4 hours a day instead of less than 2.

Also, another game I bought in December and shipped in January will have to be thrown on the ‘want to play but can’t due to a technicality’ pile. It turns out that like Ar Nosurge, the writing in Atelier Ayesha is just too tiny to read without giving myself a migraine. Until I upgrade my television, or find a good PS3 emulator for my laptop, I won’t be able to play it, which is a real shame, since while the PS3 gen of Atelier games may not be as charming or as adventurous as the PS2 games, they are genuinely gorgeous games to behold.


The good news is I don’t foresee myself buying any more games this month, or will need to buy too many more games in general in the future. I was looking some stuff up, and of games that I don’t own yet and still do, and honestly, it’s not that ugly anymore. For the original Playstation I still want to hunt down the Lunar and Suikoden games (so 4 right there), for the PS2 there are a few more: Xenosaga 2&3, Suikoden V and Okami (another 4), Tactics Ogre and Valkyrie Profile for the PSP, Atelier Shallie, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the PS3, and the last Professor Layton game for the 3DS, and a handful of miscellaneous DS titles like Pokemon Trozei or Elite Beat Agents. So not counting games that only came out recently and games that technically don’t exist yet (like Persona 5, even when it does come out I have to wait for a price drop to even consider getting it) that list of GAMES I MUST OWN is still pretty manageable. Of course, this doesn’t take into account games that don’t exist yet, but it’s a lot easier to chisel down your backlog when you know in the future you’ll only add maybe 5-6 games a year, rather than working from the back end and trying to hunt down through a library of thousands of games that have already been released. There are a lot of genres I don’t really care about, and lots of titles that I won’t feel my life will be empty with if I don’t play or own them.

Of course, this is just my roundabout way of justifying my purchases, but dammit, I really wanted everything I bought!

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