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Kingdom Hearts 3 has been out for a while now, and while some new DLC is coming out later this year, it’s pretty much been confirmed that we won’t be getting any new very significant content with it in the form of new worlds. So thinking ahead here are a list of Disney worlds that I hope will appear in some form in upcoming Kingdom Hearts games.


1. Moana

Moana is pretty much already custom built to be a Kingdom Hearts world. The basic plot is about returning a goddess’ missing heart, which is the bread and butter of Kingdom Hearts lore. Add in the fact that Sora, Riku and Kairi are already from an island world would make interaction between the characters interesting, not to mention the coconut pirates and the lava demon would be hella fun fights.


Likelihood of it appearing in the next game: High. Probably the only reason it didn’t appear in 3 was simply because there wasn’t enough time between when the movie was released and the game in development to include it.

2. Zootopia

Zootopia would be another fun world to explore in Kingdom Hearts, and it would be an excuse for Tetsuya Nomura to include his original furry design for Sora to be used in game. Assistant Mayor Bellweather and her actions fit the mold for a soul that becomes tainted with darkness, and instead of Night Howlers, the animals could become Heartless.


Likelihood of it appearing in the next game: High. Like Moana it probably wasn’t included because it came out too late compared to development.

3. Incredibles

Since Kingdom Hearts has started to include Pixar properties, we’re probably going to see more Pixar movie worlds in the next game, and personally I think that the Incredibles universe would be one of the most interesting one. Sora, Goofy and Donald could dress as super heroes, including Donald in his superhero alter ego PK. There’d be a lot of options for combat and training and would be one of the more exciting movies to be included.


Likelihood of appearing in the next game: Medium. It depends on whether or not Kingdom Hearts will start including Marvel material. If there’s an Avengers world instead, a la Pirates of the Caribbean, there won’t be two hero worlds.

4. Atlantis the Lost Empire

Atlantis the Lost Empire remains one of my favorite Disney movies with its Steampunk aesthetic and serial adventure themes. It’s an underappreciated classic, but as so many of Disney’s better known stories have already been exhausted in the Kingdom Hearts universe, Squeenix may start double checking the catalog for new worlds and stories. Not to mention the whole Heart of Atlantis story line would blend well with Kingdom Hearts’ lore.


Likelihood of appearing in the next game: Low. Disney has a tendency to disavow most of the early 2000s animated movies until Princess and the Frog. Emperor’s New Groove, Treasure Planet, Brother Bear and Bolt are not likely to show up. Then again, Chicken Little and Lilo and Stitch have, so it’s not impossible.

5. Luxendarc

Bravely Default is one of Square Enix’s best new franchises and some of the favorite games. Square Enix has put non-Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts in the form of The World Ends With You, and Sora is this side of gullible to fall for Airy’s story. It could provide an opportunity to shake up the combat a bit, as well as give us a more traditional RPG world to play around in.


Likelihood of appearing in the next game: Low. Tetsuya Nomura isn’t involved in the franchise, so it’s not one of his babies, and he is the main director and writer for Kingdom Hearts and largely has final say on what happens. Not to mention while the fans like the Final Fantasy characters, he’s been shying away from using Square Enix material in general since Kingdom Hearts has built its own lore. Then again, fans have been clamoring for more Final Fantasy characters for the next game, so who knows.

6. Prydain

Prydain is the land from The Black Cauldron, another one of my underappreciated favorites that features one of the fucking coolest Disney Villians: The Horned King. I would LOVE to be able to fight the Horned King. It would be metal as hell.


Likelihood of appearing in the next game: Non existent. Most people have never heard of this movie, let alone demanding its inclusion. God doesn’t love me enough to allow it to happen, so I can only dream.

7. Gravity Falls

Kingdom Hearts has used direct-to-DVD movies and TV show lore in the past for characters and worlds, with Uncle Scrooge and Huey, Dewey and Louie from Ducktales and the world based off of Mickey’s The Three Musketeers. It wouldn’t be impossible for Gravity Falls to be a world in Kingdom Hearts, and the change in art style, gaming references and fighting against Bill Cipher would be really cool.


Likelihood of appearing in the next game: Low. While Gravity Falls has a cult following, I don’t know how far reaching it is, or if enough Japanese people would care to see the world brought to life.

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