I’m still playing catch-up both with these articles and all the gaming/geek world news so that means I’m going to talk about E3 even though that happened last week. Well, just because news travels a lot faster these days doesn’t mean the subject is entirely irrelevant.

For the most part I didn’t see a lot that rang my bells. A remake of Trial of Mana for both the Switch and PS4 sounds cool, thought I still don’t see any word about the Secret of Mana remake heading for the Switch. New Fire Emblem, new Zelda, and more on the Link’s Awakening remake. I’d be more excited for Switch games, except they are pretty expensive. Since the 3DS has been phased out, it means no more cheap games, and the Switch is so hot that even second hand most games still stay in the 40-60 dollar region. In fact the only game that’s on my radar is the Collection of Mana set that has the original 3 Mana games together because its original price point is 39.99.


Even Pokemon Sword and Shield I’m shying away from, which is a pity because CORGI POKEMON. It’s so cute and dopey and I want forty of them.

The one thing that definitely got my attention (as did everyone and their mothers) was the Final Fantasy VII remake. It was the first time we got to see everything in action, and I have to say, it looks Fucking. Sweet. I’m still not sure how the game play actually works and how the Materia is playing in all of this but it could be a fun system, and those graphics are stellar. I cannot wait to get my hands on it, though I do have a couple of concerns. First off, no Red XIII. Since this game is going to take place in Midgar (by the way, FUCKING CALLED IT.) they’ve shown us scenes with Cloud, Aerith, Barrett and now Tifa, but no Red. Please don’t have eliminated him, he was an integral part of the story and the game, and was just a fun damn character. My second issue are the Summon Materia DLCs. I’m hoping that these Materia are DLC for now, because you don’t actually find most of your Materia until after you leave Midgar, and the ones they are showing were originally included in the game (Chocobo Chick is new though). The idea that stuff that was in the original game being taken out to sell on the backend leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and has me concerned about Vincent and Yuffie. Since they were optional characters in the original game, I’m now worried they may be DLC only for this series. It’s not that unrealistic considering that with FFXV big pieces of the story were available afterwards as paid DLC.

I generally don’t care that much about AAA games anyhow, so whether the rest of the show was disappointing to anyone else doesn’t mesh with my interests, but I do hope you saw more stuff that showed up on your radars.

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