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Since the recent popularity of Nutella in the US in the past few years, we’ve been going through a heyday of sweet sandwich spreads as various companies attempt to cash in on the chocolate hazelnut spread craze. There are some good alternatives (like Kroger’s generic version, which is surprisingly good) and not so good (Jason’s hazelnut cocoa spread is an abomination, do your taste buds a favor and avoid this stuff at all costs) ones available, as well as newer, different flavors such as Jiff’s Chocolate Cheesecake Hazelnut spread.

My mom got a bunch of jars on sale and we were both pretty curious about how it would taste. Jiff’s normal hazelnut chocolate spread is okay, not as top tier as Nutella since their version is much more sugary and has a tendency for separation, though has the benefit of using real vanilla and all natural ingredients, whereas Nutella has vanillin in it, which I’m allergic to because it’s a petroleum based product. So this new stuff could swing either very good or very mediocre.


The spread is made up of two kinds of paste squirted in together like a chocolate vanilla cone, or goober style pb and j in one jar, rather than simply cheesecake flavored chocolate spread. It looks pretty in the jar but tends to look like a mess on the sandwich or graham cracker. However, the flavor is very good. Though the cheesecake part is artificially flavored, it does taste like a believable blend of cream cheese, vanilla and lemon juice and has an equally creamy texture to the chocolate part, and goes very well with the chocolate hazelnut. The slight tang tends to help offset the too sweet version of Jiff’s chocolate hazelnut mixture and balances it out to a much better flavor. My mom said it reminded her of the seashell shaped Belgium chocolates that we used to get around Christmas.

It spreads equally well on bread or graham crackers, though it’s a bit stiff to dip anything into it like fruit. Beaten with butter it would probably also make a superb frosting or filling, though it would have to be very, very well blended to avoid the messy look you get when you spread it with a knife.

If you like sweet spreads and are a fan of Nutella, Jiff’s Chocolate Cheesecake Hazelnut Spread is definitely a yummy snack with an interesting new flavor that works just as well as original Nutella and I highly recommend it.

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