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Was at Wal-Mart the other day picking up a prescription and when I was waiting for it to be filled, I wandered through the movies and DVDs and saw something that drove me nuts: packaged collections of various Disney cartoons such as Kim Possible and the original Ducktales. What could possibly be infuriating about seeing collections of Disney shows? After all, various studios eventually package all their seasons together, right? Complete collections are great ways to get entire shows all in one place no muss, no fuss.


For other studios that’s true. Warner Brothers recently released Animaniacs and the original Teen Titans in complete collections, and Batman TAS is now on Blu-Ray. But what Disney released wasn’t the same thing. They were not complete collections, they were packaged sets of DVDs they’ve been releasing for years, all with episodes missing.

Disney has been doing this for years.

Disney has dozens of amazing animated shows with great plots that they never release in complete sets. Random episodes on VHS tapes or DVD or collections that go up to a point and never contain the final 10-30 episodes. Or if the last episodes are released, they are exclusive to their ‘Disney Movie Club’ at a premium and in such small numbers that go for astronomical rates on the secondhand market. And now that they’re rereleasing a bunch of sets, instead of including those final volumes, final volumes that exist and have been printed and masters created and coded and simply need more manufactured, they continue to release incomplete versions of their shows to the frustration of their fans.


And we’re lucky to get even that as DOZENS of their cartoon properties have never been released at all. Disney, even with their Vault strategy (which is a rant for another time) has released all their animated movies dozens of times, including some of their most terrible ones like Little Mermaid III or Hunchback of Notre Dame II. But Ariel’s Undersea Adventures? Aladdin the Animated Series? Recess, Pepperanne, Filmore? Nothing. And this is especially baffling considering how much they try to shove the Princess stuff down our throats. How much bank would they make to release seasons of Little Mermaid, Jasmine and Belle cartoons THAT ALREADY EXIST AND ARE REALLY GOOD.

And they continue this strategy even with their modern stuff. The new Tangled cartoon looks amazing, and instead of releasing the entire season, once more, it’s the magic of Random Episode Roulette, despite the fact that the show is based on an ongoing plotline with a relevant order. This is starting to bleed over into Marvel stuff as well as parts of some shows end up on DVD, and other don’t.


There is no excuse for this as this doesn’t even qualify as forced scarcity. All it does is piss off fans and force them to torrent episodes people recorded off of TV ages ago.

I know Disney will be having their streaming service soon, and promise to release their entire catalog, but streaming doesn’t solve the problem as you don’t own anything. You are forced to watch their service on their terms that can change at any time. I want to give you money Disney. I want the rest of Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and Kim Possible to be in print. I want to own Gummi Bears in completion and I want to see the new Ducktales in its entirety, but your current, nonsensical tactic makes it impossible. It’s beyond frustrating when you enjoy a company’s products, but hate the company itself.

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