SixTAY Days of Writing 2019 Day Ten- Developer Journal

So I’m almost finished with act 2 of Titania’s route. Wasn’t sure I was ever going to get it done considering while I know how I wanted things to go, and had some concrete scenes in mind, I was worried I wouldn’t necessarily know how to get there. But now that the hardest bit is over the third act should be less hectic.

I mean, I still have a lot to plan out, but it should be easier to come up with ideas. I’m also starting to build a new assets list for this route, and while it won’t take nearly as much work as the first act, it turns out I needed more than I initially thought, but that’s cool.


Beta still isn’t ready yet since I’m working on getting the music, and I still haven’t touched the GUI since the Alpha. I’ve been on too much of a writing kick and it’s hard to switch gears without accidentally putting me in a block.

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