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Okay, still not 100% sold on what I’m going to work on, theme-wise, so today I’m just going to talk about what I’ve been working on in general in the past few days.


Mostly at my house it’s been spring cleaning. My house is in serious need of repair (has been for years, honestly) so that takes up about 65% of my time for the moment, followed by simply getting sidelined by my disability and then by working on my actual projects. Recently I’ve found some anime DVDs in some thrift stores, and today I actually went through my boxes and organized them some. For example, for some reason, one of the boxes had Don Bluth’s Secret of NIMH in it, which is obviously not an anime, so I pulled that out, and put the final volume of Vision of Escaflowne in. I was thrilled to find it because I had it incomplete on VHS, then found most of the series on DVD except the final volume, which I only got recently. I know Funimation has it on Blu-Ray now with a new dub, but it was actually cheaper to get it on DVD, and the new Funimation dub is not as good as the original.

Also organizing my books and graphic novels some. The library regularly sells unneeded books, so I found and read some Terry Prachett, one of the DC Super Hero Girl novels (don’t judge) and shelved (and by shelved, mean I organized the pile, I don’t have shelves at the moment, see earlier about house repairs) the books I got during Free Comic Book day last month. My room is chaotic and would probably send a neat freak into a catatonic trance, but I won’t be tripping over the books and DVDs like I was before.


Of course, now I need to go through a bunch of the other DVDs and movies we have in the house and seriously unload them. It’s amazing how you accumulate movies you don’t actually watch or like. Same thing with books. It’s very easy to get carried away when you find a score of great deals at a garage sale, but after a while you have to accept that not all the movies or books you’ll actually read or watch, and it’s choking up the stuff you actually do like.

Funnily enough, as heinous as my movies/show/book problem is, and as big as my backlog is, I actually don’t have this same problem with video games (hah! Relevance to gaming!) since I am far, far more selective with my gaming purchases, and barring a few of the larger gaming accessories (Wii Fit board, for example) I can fit everything in one or two boxes. I think it’s just because I find movies and books for a lot cheaper. When I mean cheap, I mean sometimes as little as $.50 a movie or book. I’d probably get just as carried away if I found games for as low prices as I did books and movies.

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