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SixTAY Days of Writing: The Final Push Day Eighteen

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Graphic: Bwillett

Major progress as I go from staring at a blinking screen to just being three scenes away from finishing Zira’s route. Based on this schedule I won’t finish all the art by August, that’s just physically impossible considering how demanding some of these cut scenes will be, but getting Koni’s route started in September does look more realistic, and having the game finished by the end of the year seems actually feasible. I don’t want to jump the gun by announcing a release date or anything crazy like that, after all, like I’ve said before, finishing the game won’t actually mean finishing the game. The game will need to be edited a few times over for grammar mistakes and weird parts in the story, I might decide additional art or effects will be necessary, plus the website, trailer and press material all need to be done. The game itself is only half the battle.


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