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My Con-tay-ct page! Got any questions? Wanna chat? I'm pretty approachable :3

Oh, what's that? You also wnat to be about to check out my comics too? No problem, come forth and check out what my brain does all day:

The Sorcerer's Apprentice. An all-ages, b&w manga-inspired series. Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday. About a girl who accidentally puts on a cursed ring and releases a horde of monsters on the world. To destroy them she must learn magic from the ring's original owner: an ancient French sorcerer. Essentially a magical girl story but very western in tone and characters.


Midnight Menagerie. PG-13, full-color. Updates Monday. In theory anyway, I'm almost always late with it. An adventure/horror/harem comedy. Strange genre combo, I know, but it's a love letter to the classic horror genre (Universal, EC comics, Lovecraft and Poe—anything preslasher era silliness) and focuses a lot on some very unconventional characters and their relationships to one and other as lots of supernatural stuff happens. You know what? You're better off just reading it to fully understand.

Queen of Games. Like Yugioh? Like AU stories? Like having your heart broken by often 6-month long hiatuses? Then you should check out this series too. Alternate universe series where the Millennium Puzzle was put together by a girl instead of Yugi Motou. This series gets shelved a lot during con season but it's still worth a gander.

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