I have been following the news of the Detective Pikachu movie for months now. From the first announcement of the movie’s creation to the casting news of who would play the titular Pokemon, I have been keeping my finger to the pulse of this story. The concept was just too wild, too absurd, too majestic to actually be made into a Real Thing. Surely this would be just a cheap cash-in, get canceled somewhere in production, or have something happen to it to turn it into a story about that time they tried to make a live action Pokemon movie. It just couldn’t be possible. It was too ambitious, too crazy. It was Icarus flying too close to the sun.

But you know what?

The good people at Legendary Pictures, those magnificent bastards spat in the face of logic and reality, and by god, they are delivering a Pokemon movie.

And on Monday we got the proof in the form of a trailer that made the world go nuts.

Now I’m going to break down the trailer into every part conceivable as we speculate what this movie is actually going to be like. Granted, trailers are always intended to make even the worst movies look great, so it’s hard to figure if this movie is going to be good, but ya know what? I don’t think anyone cares if it’s going to be good. It’s going to be a Pokemon movie with a Pikachu voiced by Ryan Renolds. Quality is irrelevant.

When the trailer first starts, you actually get a few bars of the original Pokemon intro music, and I won’t lie to you, I got chills. This alone shows someone in production did their homework and it’s especially apparent as you get your first look at Ryme City and Tim’s old room.


There are LOADS of references to all the gens. Also, it implies that Tim is originally from Sinnoh. Which could simply be a coincidence, or could be a sign that Nintendo does plan on releasing remakes of Pearl and Diamond very soon, considering the release date of the movie is summer of next year. There also some plot related glimpses as you see a board full of missing Pokemon posters.


Next we finally get our first glimpse of Tim himself. I don’t know much about Justice Smith and his previous body of work, but based off of the trailer it looks like he’ll be a good fit. Honestly, Tim in the game is so bland that he could be played by literally anyone. And it looks like they’re giving him actually character development and backstory, so having an actor with actual emotional range is already a step up from the game. A failed Pokemon Trainer with mixed feelings about Pokemon is an interesting character choice. Also adds a bit of grit. I just hope it won’t be too gritty, because 2Edgy4U dark movies are very passe, and shows a pretty limited range on what Warner Brothers will produce.

Then we get to see what we were waiting for, the first glimpse of Detective Pikachu himself, including his first few lines. I know people have mixed thoughts about the Pokemon designs, but honestly, after the initial shock, I like the adaptation.


It’s clearly a Pikachu while still looking feasibly like a real, breathing animal. Having 3D models of the Pokemon from in-game probably would have looked unnatural. Also, he is sooooo fluffy. I would pick him up and cuddle him forever.

It’s still too early to say if Renolds was the right choice for Detective Pikachu, but he has shown in Deadpool that he has a pretty expressive voice and good comedic timing, and the trailer seems to show that humor will absolutely be key in this production, with a pedigree from both Gravity Falls and Guardians of the Galaxy, that bodes better than worse.


After that we get a few more plot, world-building and action shots. It’s obvious from this that they’ll be pretty loosely following the plot of the actual game. It seems the basic bones of the story are still there, but the scenarios will be changed, since after playing the game I know what scenarios from the trailer weren’t in the game, but it looks like the Ryme City Pokemon festival will probably still be essential to the climax, which is also referenced at the beginning of the trailer with the Pokemon balloons in the background. While the game itself was fairly simplistic, the story of Detective Pikachu was actually really good, and turning this production into a Pokemon buddy cop movie may just work out.

Which brings me more about the Pokemon themselves. Some designs work better than others.


The Greninja and Charizard were freaking sweet, though I hope they go back in and render the scales on Charizard a bit better. His in trailer appearance seemed more furry, whereas the model used by Legendary Pictures had a better texture. Jigglipuff is weird to see rendered realistically, but it was one of those Pokemon you couldn’t really adapt better without changing its appearance entirely. If anything, I would have made it even fluffier, like a Pomeranian.

And yes, Mr. Mime is creepy. But Mr. Mime was always creepy, even in the games. Based off of the adaptations and textures used, I’m really excited to see what {redacted spoiler} looks like in the movie, considering how important he was to the central plot of the game. I don’t imagine he won’t be in the movie, because they would have to change almost everything about the game’s plot.


All in all, I am genuinely and earnestly looking forward to this movie and what it has to offer and this trailer is already a good first step in the right direction.